Mickey Steele Golf Classic

February 2, 2011 at 10:56 am

E-Landscape Specialty Solutions is looking forward to participating and supporting this year’s Mickey Steele Celebrity Golf and Poker Tournament. The tournament is meant to honor the memory of Mickey Steele by raising money to continue the fight against Leukemia.

Mickey Steele was diagnosed in 2002 with Acute Myelois Leukemia. He battled the disease for two years and kept his head held high the entire time. He was a man who loved life and had a great passion for sports. He attended events like the World Series, the Final Fours, the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup.

The event will be catered by Mortons, The Steakhouse and celebrities like Billy Kilmer and Mike Nelms will be joining in the fun. The tournament will be held on the River Course at Queenstown Harbor Golf Course. It is a popular event, so registration must be completed sooner than later to ensure your space.

This tournament is a way to celebrate the life of a local Marylander and fellow University of Maryland Alum. Help our team and the many other participants support the fight against Leukemia. Visit http://www.mickeysteele.org/ to register today!