The Lodge at Marlton

Nestled in a residential area of Upper Marlboro, Maryland, The Lodge at Marlton offers
affordable and comfortable apartment living for Seniors 62 or better. This active
community is next to a shopping center that includes: a grocery store, pharmacy, salon,
and more!
E-Landscape was instrumental in the design and installation of patio walls throughout the
Lodge. Through work with Hamel Builders our team was able to create seamless
transitions from the existing hardscape to newly installed colorscapes. A short stroll
through the property provides pleasing views to each visitor and resident of The Lodge at
Marlton. We continue to maintain this site as well as provide design-build enhancements
post construction with the Lodge at Marlton’s management company.
The Lodge at Marlton property is currently managed by Habitat America LLC, based out
of Annapolis, Maryland. Habitat America specializes in opening and maintaining
professionally-run communities. E-Landscape shares Habitat America’s philosophy in
their commitment to providing the highest standard of service in every aspect of property


Landscape and installation services for an apartment-style Senior Living Community.

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Hamel Builders


Landscape Planting
Design-Build Solutions
Site Furnishings
Grasspave 2 Firelane Pavers
Segmental Retaining Wall