On-Structure Planting and Greenroofs

Green RoofPlanting a green roof not only results in greater energy efficiencies for commercial buildings by reducing heating and cooling costs, it can also contribute to the acheivement of LEED certification. The structure and style of green roofs varies tremendously depending on climate, building design, purpose, and aesthetic interests.

E-Landscape will work with your structural engineers or architects to ensure that the building can support the saturated weight of a green roof or on-structure planting. We will also ensure that each layer of the roof – from waterproofing, to the drainage layer and filter membrane – is properly constructed before adding the growing medium and plants.

Because roof-top plantings are typically watered less frequently (or not at all) and are subject to harsher weather conditions than plantings on the ground, the selection of plant material is critical to the long term sustainability, functionality and beauty of a green roof. E-Landscape’s horticultural and landscape architecture staff has considerable experience in identifying appropriate plants that are low maintenance, perennial or self-sowing, as well as wind-, cold- and draught-tolerant, and fire-resistant.