Cannery Square at Charles Village

Once an old industrial site, this former “Can” factory has been transformed into
loft apartments, office spaces and affordable housing. A notable feature of the
revitalization of Cannery Square at Charles Village was the reclamation of on-site
materials which were repurposed into elements of the new landscape.
Working side by side with Seawall Development Corporation and Hamel Builders,
E-Landscape was responsible for reclaiming much of the material used for this
project, which was later incorporated into several scenic elements of the
landscape. The scope also included preparation of over 1,200 square feet of bed
area and the installation of a moss garden – a unique design element to the
Cannery Square’s upscale design and environmentally friendly revitalization
make it stand out amongst other affordable residential developments.


Landscape services for the revitalization of Cannery Square at Charles Village in Baltimore City.

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Hamel Builders


Landscape implementation
Drainage planning
Site Furnishings