Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

E-Landscape Specialty Solutions had the honor of designing and installing the
landscape for the largest project in the history of the television series ‘Extreme
Makeover: Home Edition.’ Our experienced and approachable style, our ability to
effectively communicate and our utilization of the latest technologies were a few
of the reasons we were selected to work with show host Ty Pennington and his
team on a new, 11,120 square foot group home for girls for Boys Hope Girls
Hope, a Baltimore-based organization that provides at-risk youth with a group
home style setting.
E-Landscape’s scope of work included the development of an original landscape
design, as well as installation of that design within the tight timetable that is the
signature of ‘Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.’ The landscape we designed
included plantings and sod, stone wall construction, landscape lighting and an
irrigation system. Installation took approximately 36 hours and our employees
worked 12 hour shifts throughout the night and into the next day to complete the
project. We are particularly proud to have completed work on a “photo ready”
landscape in time for the show’s taping despite torrential rains during installation
and a tight working schedule.


Landscape design and installation for Boys Hope Girls Hope Group, a 11,120-squarefoot group home for at-risk youth.

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Boys Hope Girls Hope


Design and Installation
Planting, Sodding, Landscape
Lighting, Irrigation