Why you should prepare your commercial landscaping for winter

October 29, 2014 at 12:45 pm

685113_sIt is tempting to let your commercial landscaping maintenance go once fall arrives. The thought of winter arriving and knowing  many plants will likely die off soon enough is a common mindset, however preparing your commercial landscaping for winter, can make all the difference come spring. By protecting and preparing your landscape design for cooler weather, you can be sure that when temperatures warm up again, your landscaping is ready to grow and thrive. Here are some reasons to consider commercial landscaping maintenance and winter preparation.

Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is important, even during the drab grey days of winter. When temperatures get to freezing you will find that plants start to die back. This can leave your commercial landscaping looking drab and messy. If you have large trees nearby that drop leaves, you may find that once these leaves turn crispy and brown they become a nuisance around your property. By having a landscaping maintenance crew take care of these issues before winter hits, you can make sure your commercial buildings curb appeal remains strong over the colder months.

Plant Health

If you want to save money next year when it comes to your landscaping, keeping your plants healthy over the cold months is important.

Pruning is an important step in winter protection. Cutting back the stems of perennials will help them to grow back stronger next year by allowing any energy they can gather over the winter months to go straight to their root system. It will also help protect your landscaping from freeze damage. Likewise, cutting back the branches of trees will help remove any dead parts and allow the tree to stay healthy whilst they lie dormant.

Lawn Health through Winter into Spring

Often lawns will go brown over the colder months, this is a part of nature’s cycle. If you want your landscape to come back lush and green next year, there are a few things that should be taken care of in the fall months.

  • Aerating a lawn in fall can allow your grass to breathe better over the colder months. It will help to break up any soil that has become compacted, allowing the roots to receive water and nutrients through winter.
  • Fall is also the perfect time to seed your lawn if there are brown or bare spots. Planting in fall means that your lawn can grow back thick and healthy in the spring.

Fertilizing Your Landscape

Fertilizing your landscape before winter arrives can make all the difference when it comes to parts of your landscaping surviving the winter. The right fertilizer will help feed your landscape throughout the winter, providing your landscape with what it needs, without over doing it.

Protecting your landscape design

When you protect your landscape design during the winter months through practices such as mulching, it is more likely to survive harsh elements such as frost or snow. Mulching helps to hold moisture in, which is important during the winter months. It can also provide food that will break down and feed your soil so that when spring comes, the landscape will be rich and ready to grow. Mulching will also protect the roots of the perennial plants and trees.

If you are looking for commercial landscaping maintenance services that can prepare your landscaping for winter, contact the professionals today at E-Landscape Specialty Solutions to discuss our landscape maintenance packages.