The Importance of Landscape Maintenance

January 7, 2015 at 11:34 am

landscape maintenanceNow that your commercial property has been beautifully landscaped, it is important to maintain it.  Professional landscape maintenance is the easiest way for you to ensure your property is in top shape all year long.

Ongoing maintenance is important for healthy plants and trees.  Unsightly weeds and fungi not only look bad, they steal soil nutrients, water, and sunlight that your landscape plants need to grow properly.  Without ongoing control efforts, they will take over.  Regular weeding will avoid this problem and will keep plants growing well.

Your area may also contain some invasive plant species that could interfere with the look and health of your landscape if they aren’t controlled.  These can destroy any areas where you may be trying to preserve some of the natural habitat.

Maintain lawns with periodic mowing, however a little extra care is necessary as well.  Regular turf maintenance can help control crabgrass and fungi, and help keep your lawn looking perfect.

All the plants on your property will benefit from regular mulching and fertilizing to keep the soil healthy and help them grow. Different species require different soil conditions and amounts of fertilizer to thrive.

Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs will keep them looking nice and producing new growth.  Knowing when and how to properly prune and trim all the different plants and tree species on your property can be complicated, and if done incorrectly could potentially kill the plant. It’s easy to see how these tasks can become really big jobs, and why most people choose to leave them to the professionals.  Your landscape maintenance professionals will have all the knowledge, equipment and labor necessary to make these jobs go smoothly, eliminating a lot of stress and effort for you.

Pest control is also part of landscape maintenance.  Grubs, beetles, aphids, boring insects and other pests can destroy lawns, trees and other plants.  And they can spread rapidly.  Infestations can kill plants and make them look terrible in the process.  In order to protect the investment you have made in your property and keep your landscape looking wonderful, these insects need to be kept under control.

And when you are thinking about landscape maintenance, don’t forget about the hardscape on your property as well.  Allowing these areas to deteriorate will not only look bad, but can also add safety issues.  Decorative walkways, retaining walls and other structures should be maintained and repairs should be made as soon as problems are noticed.

Professional landscape maintenance services can help keep your commercial property in top condition and make the right impression with your clients. E-Landscape can provide all the services you need to keep your landscape looking beautiful any time of year.