Product Spotlight: Tanning Lawn

April 23, 2014 at 12:54 pm

tanning lawnIf you are looking for the perfect space where grass and sunshine meet together, then a tanning lawn may be something worth incorporating into your landscaping. A tanning lawn provides a space for people to sit, relax, read a book, all while soaking up the sunshine. The ideal space would lend itself to a quiet grassy sanctuary type area with a feeling of privacy. Choosing the right grass and plants for this space can make all the difference when it comes to building a landscaped area that is inviting.

Grass Consideration

When considering grass for a tanning lawn the grass should be able to hold up to full sun, heat, and traffic while still staying lush and healthy. One choice may be Bermuda grass, which tends to thrive in full sun and can handle being walked over by large amounts of traffic. This is just one type of grass that may be used, a professional landscaper will have ideas on which grass is suitable for the planned landscaping space.


Whether you can offer a space that brings privacy or you have a busy space where you need to create the feeling of privacy, tanning lawns that offer a true feeling of getting away from it all are more likely to be used then one that is in the middle of a heavy populated, crowded, or noisy area. Good landscaping can help create a feeling of privacy and may include, privacy fencing, tree screens, hedging, or a combination of these things. Including a landscaper when creating your plans will help you build privacy without blocking sun or creating structures that become eyesores.


To get a true feeling of escape when it comes to a tanning lawn, the landscaping needs to create the right ambiance. A water feature is a great way to create ambiance, watching water fall can be relaxing and can connect you to the environment around you, while the sound of the falling water can block out noise such as traffic or loud air conditioning units. There are many pieces that can be added to your landscaping to bring a sense of relaxation to the area.

Landscaping Surrounding Areas

A tanning lawn can be just a patch of green grass or it can be a true sunshine oasis. Choosing the right plants to surround the area can enhance the tanning lawn. Plants included in the landscaping will need to be plants that can tolerate sunshine, they will also want to be compact enough that they are not casting shadows on to the lawn area. Plants that don’t need to be watered daily and are specific to the local climate often make the best choices as they are low maintenance and do not need as much water.

If you are considering adding a tanning lawn into your commercial landscaping, contact the landscaping professionals at E-Landscape Specialty Solutions. Our expert landscape team can help you design, install, and maintain, attractive yet useful spaces around your commercial buildings.