Product Spotlight: GreenGrid Roof Trays

October 23, 2013 at 8:21 am
GreenGrid Roof on Russia Warf

Sustainability is increasingly taking the spotlight not just in landscape design but in every element of design.  Here at E-Landscape, we love to create and install projects that promote sustainability while also providing a beautiful, livable space. A beautiful yet sustainable space was exactly what the developers were aiming for when they requested a green roof that we installed at the Elkton Senior Apartments.

By installing a green roof on your building, you can reduce the costs associated with heating and cooling your building and improve the air that surrounds your building.

GreenGrid Roof is one product that can help any company achieve a beautiful and sustainable green roof. This modular system is easy to install and produces beautiful results. It is flexible and simple in its design, however the results it can achieve are far from simple.

GreenGrid is a great solution to some of the issues that can arise with building green roofs.

Easy Access

The product has been designed for easy access to all parts of the roof. The truly modular system allows access to the waterproofing materials that lie underneath the green roof system, making future roof repairs a much easier job. Access to the underlying roof is simple meaning there is no reason to tear up a whole garden just to pay to replace it all once repairs are finished. The modular systems can be easily lifted out and then put back in place without any need to dig up plants and the surrounding areas.

Reduced Runoff

The GreenGrid Roof design can also help when it comes to retaining water in the garden and reducing stormwater run off. The modular design holds the right amount of vegetation to absorb the water and use it for the plants. The second way it helps is that it provides a porous material that will reduce runoff, thereby eliminating the need for large pipes and drains and reducing the run off that enters surrounding areas.

Features and Aesthetics

When it comes to features and aesthetics green grid is one of the best products available. With three different depths (shallow, intermediate and maximum), you can choose which product will work best with the plants you are planning to install on your green roof. The new zero-edge design lacks the thick edges of some other products and instead, gives the green roof a beautiful, clean lined look so that the garden becomes the focus.

In addition to the aesthetics, the design of the product is so simple, making installation very easy.  Roof modules can even be sent to the project site with plants already growing inside of them so that all that needs to be done is the installation and you have an instant green garden.