Product Spotlight: Grasspave2

October 29, 2013 at 11:36 am

Grasspave2Commercial landscaping projects are often complex and require out of the box thinking. Property owners and developers often want the look of green, lush lawns, but landscape designers have to go deeper and consider the strength of the underlying structure. For example, many of the projects on which we have worked involve creating landscaped areas that can accommodate overflow parking, function space, or fire lanes. In cases like these, where light or occasional vehicular traffic would otherwise destroy traditional turf, Grasspave2 provides the strength of asphalt but still maintains the beauty that makes landscapes pop.

What is Grasspave2?

Grasspave2 is a porous product with enough load bearing strength to handle light to moderate vehicular traffic and resist erosion while still producing grass and tree growth. This paved surface protects the underlying vegetation and root system from compaction. With Grasspave2, the surface maintains 92 percent void space, allowing for normal root development. Nothing looks worse than a sea of concrete. This product lets E-Landscape customers enjoy that same power but without the ugly, gray cement style that detracts from the opulence of the land.

Grasspave2 is right for any setting that needs natural grass growth but still must support car or pedestrian traffic. Golf cart paths, overflow parking lots, fire lanes – these are all examples of areas that must remain tensile enough to manage tons of rolling metal but can benefit from natural grass growth. Once in place, the new surface is able to handle 5,721 psi of compressive strength – enough to support anything from a car to a fire truck to an airplane.

Benefits of Grasspave2

Much like other forms of porous pavement, Grasspave2 has significant environmental benefits. Impervious surfaces like cement allow water to pool, mixing it with pollutants. The contaminated liquid then rolls off the solid platform into lakes and rivers. Flooding occurs because the nonporous surface keeps rainwater from absorbing into the ground and instead, water siphons off and overloads nearby bodies of water.

By contrast, Grasspave2 provides stormwater pollution filtration and treatment complete with airborne dust capture and retention. Since it is porous, rain goes right through the surface to regenerate natural water supplies while filtering out contaminants. Grasspave2 keeps the area cool with heat energy reflection reduction, so no more walking across hot concrete either.

Installing Grasspave2

It is the landscaping possibilities that really make this the go-to product for many properties. With porous pavement, you get the benefit of 100 percent real grass coverage. E-Landscape can lay sod or hydroseed right over the top of the pavement and allow it to root through the strong surface.

Grasspave2 comes in large, flexible rolls that conform to the natural contours of the land. In addition to the pavement, E-Landscape experts lay down Hydrogrow Soil Conditioner to promote grass growth and provide fertilization for up to one year. The sand medium allows for drainage and oxygenation of the underlying plant system as it grows.

E-Landscape offers customers looking for the strength of asphalt but the beauty of grass a way to get both. Grasspave2 gives you a normal growth pattern but with enough underlying stability to handle parking, wheelchair and heavy pedestrian traffic. It is truly the best of both worlds.