Product Spotlight: Fire Pits

May 8, 2014 at 10:00 am

10965494_sContemporary fire pits are pre-fabricated and can be purchased from hardware stores. In its most basic form, however, a fire pit is simply an artificial hole dug into the ground. One step up from this very basic design would be a structure constructed from bricks or stones. A fire pit can set off your outdoor decor by combining the best elements of masonry and stonework to really spoil your guests.

Practical and Aesthetic 

Many high-end, contemporary fire pits are made of metal and heated via logs or gas. Stone fire pits, whether comprised of limestone or concrete, are typically extremely durable yet practically immobile once installed. These kinds of fire pits probably do the most to lend an aesthetic touch to your outdoor decor and landscaping efforts.

Add to Outdoor Decor 

Outdoor fireplaces, which are increasingly popular in the Northwest, or fire pits can really spruce up an outdoor get-together or summer barbecue. A fire place can be installed right onto your backdoor patio to offer an intimate and friendly environment for guests.

Cooking Opportunities

Although the heating source for your outdoor fire pit could be anything from gas to conventional logs, with the heat being retained either by fire glass or strategically-placed stones, fire pits offer year-round outdoor cooking opportunities. Inquire about adding a fire grate to your outdoor fire pit to create more cooking opportunities. Most landscaping companies can help customize your fire pit to your needs.

Increase Home Value 

Fire pits have also been known to raise home values, far beyond the negligible cost of installing the fire pit itself. A professionally-installed stone fire pit adds character to your outdoor landscaping and offers a very unique blend of practical payoff and romantic appeal to guests and homeowners alike.

Outdoor Fireplace Versus Fire Pit 

One advantage of an outdoor fireplace is its ability to withstand the rigors of mother nature – particularly high winds that can send up embers and ruin a relaxing evening. A disadvantage to an outdoor fireplace, especially compared to a fire pit, is that an outdoor fireplace might be costly to install. Lastly, an outdoor fireplace could be considered the more immobile option, considering some fire pits can be erected within hours from a range of easily-accessible materials.

Fire Pit: Landscaping Win 

From stonework to intricate masonry, a fire pit collates many disciples into one very appealing outdoor focal point. A fire pit is the more versatile alternative when considering whether to go with a fire pit or outdoor fireplace to complement your outdoor decor. Moreover, a fire pit can increase your home value, touch off other landscaping efforts and create a welcoming environment for guests looking to enjoy a late-evening summer barbecue.