Product Feature: Green Screens

May 28, 2014 at 10:30 am

A Greenscreen with growing vines

If you are looking to cover up the less attractive parts of a building, or area, looking to create privacy, or you are just thinking a little greenery would be nice, green screens could be the right solution. A green screen consists of welded wire trellises, that create a three dimensional structure. They come in different widths and sizes, and are modular panels that are rigid and lightweight.

There are many ways a green screen can be used in your landscaping. Whether you choose to use a green screen to make a less appealing area more appealing, or you choose to create a living work of art, using green screens creates a beautiful green space.

When it comes to planting green screens so that they will grow successfully and look attractive, it will depend on things such as how much sun the area receives, what the climate is like, the style you are looking for, and what size panels you choose. Green screen provide a list of recommended plants to help make design decisions easier.

Green Screen Ideas and Solutions

These screens can be used both inside and outside, making the possibilities endless. Here are some ways you may want to consider using green screens, in and around your residential or commercial buildings.

  • Create privacy by screening in areas.
  • Install a screen in a hotel or restaurant to create a beautiful atrium.
  • Hide air conditioning units, or other eyesores, on both homes and industrial buildings.
  • If your building is targeted by graffiti artists, install a green screen to protect against graffiti and damage.
  • Use a green screen as a creative fencing solution.
  • Create a living work of art in any space.

Advantages of Green Screen over Other Fencing or Trellis Solutions

There are many advantages when it comes to using green screens over other fencing or trellis type systems. Here are just a few of those advantages.

  • Having a Green Screen installed, means less labor and materials, then you may need for other fencing systems.
  • The screens come in a variety of color options and finishes.
  • The screens can cover large amounts of space, giving you more options.
  • Green Screens can be freestanding, or attached to existing posts or columns.
  • The panels are light, making installation efficient when installed by a professional.
  • Installing a green screen can improve the air quality in the surrounding areas.
  • The installation of green screens may improve temperature conditions of a building, producing energy savings.

Installing a green screen can give areas a whole new feel, providing privacy, covering less than desirable areas, and allowing you the flexibility to turn any space, into a green space.

If you are looking for more information on installing a green space, contact us today at E-Landscape. You can also look through past projects on our website, to see how our landscaping services can improve the look and feel of your buildings.