Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring!

February 9, 2011 at 2:13 pm

The bid board has been keeping the estimating department running at full speed, which is a positive indicator in these economic times. The seasonal slow-down in production gives us the opportunity to prepare for a busy spring. We have been refurbishing our equipment trailers, reorganizing the shop and performing preventative maintenance on our equipment. We have also been discussing a possible expansion to our shop facility by adding an equipment storage area and new production offices.

This is also the time of year that we get some face time with our key vendors, attending trade shows like MANTS to put our spring plant orders in. Plant procurement is one of the duties that E-Landscape Operations Manager, J.R. Pappas, enjoys the most.

Buying out a quarter of a million dollar planting job can be a bit of a puzzle when it comes to locating specific cultivars in large quantities or finding that large caliper tree specified on a plan. It also gets J.R. out of the office on occasion to visit the local grower to tag trees or check out their stock.

Last Friday, he visited a grower in Potomac to select a specimen Japanese Maple to be planted as a memorial on one of our projects. The tree is close to twenty years old, 4.5″ caliper with a 13′ spread. When the ground thaws it will be hand dug and drum laced, then carefully transported and planted in its new location where it will grace a patio area.

Needless to say, Spring is approaching quickly and everyone at E-Landscape has been hastily preparing for the busiest season of the year.