Five Ways Plants Can Enhance the Value of Your Commercial Landscape

December 29, 2012 at 3:48 pm
Village at Lee Airpark
Annuals add to the curb appeal of the Village at Lee Airpark

A beautiful landscape is a cost effective way to transform the look – and value – of a commercial property. In addition to beautification, landscaping offers other benefits that boost a building’s value, including:

Instant Wow

There is no denying that a beautiful landscape improves the aesthetics of a building. The proof is in the data, with 99% of real estate appraisers confirming that plants enhance tenancy and the sales appeal of commercial real estate. Landscaping is often taken for granted, but it’s a fact that commercial landscaping has a huge impact on psychological attraction. Plants help dress up entrances and provide quick face-lifts to a building’s facade. When considering commercial landscaping, property owners typically reflect on traffic flow and maximizing natural elements like light and wind. No matter where a building is located, landscaping can refurbish and rejuvenate the look while taking advantage of environmental benefits.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Studies have shown that you can achieve a savings of over 23% on winter heating costs by strategically using landscaping to minimize air infiltration. For more than 50  years, windbreaks have been used to obstruct and redirect the flow of wind. Over time, some concrete buildings tend to lose moisture and heat in cold weather conditions. In cases of extreme heat, plants can reduce the inside temperature of a building by several degrees, thus reducing summer energy costs. A good commercial landscape design is one of the most practical ways to save on energy consumption.

Reduced Pollution and Toxicity

15,000 liters of air pass into our lungs every day and most of it is polluted. Plants play a major role in the fight against pollution, trapping dust, and recycling carbon dioxide. A beautiful, green, commercial landscape can act as a filter that scrubs the air of carbon dioxide and releases oxygen, while reducing dust and volatile organic compounds like formaldehyde and other harmful gas molecules.The impact of landscaping on pollution is almost immediate – plants can clean surroundings within one to two days – as is the impact on building staff and visitors. Studies have shown that plants can help workers overcome a myriad of physical and mental health issues including mental fatigue and stress.

Stronger Branding

Can you help define a corporate brand with landscaping? Absolutely! A creative and beautiful landscape can help a business stand out. For unique, personalized looks, plant non-traditional textures that surround a building. Plants can be utilized in a nice mixture of height, color and form that will bring about new interest. When strategically coordinated, small elements can maximize the impact.  The addition of site amenities such as fountains, benches and even artwork (including sculpture) can also make a dramatic brand statement.

Improved Safety and Security

Lighting can eliminate shadows and dark areas, making your commercial property a safer and more pedestrian friendly place in the early morning or evening hours.
Greenery can offer solutions while providing interest. Use plants as backdrops, to dress up or cover up, or to accent a building. A modest investment in commercial landscape can have many benefits – with one of the most important being to increase the value of your commercial property!