Fire Pits Versus Fireplaces

August 21, 2014 at 9:44 am

fire placeEnjoying these long summer nights in the backyard entertaining family and friends it’s hard to imagine that Fall is just around the corner. But as you begin to prepare for the eventual chill in the air you face one big question: what is the difference between fire pits versus fireplaces?

While it will largely come down to a personal aesthetic choice there are some key differences to consider.


Generally speaking it may be more expensive to install a fireplace compared to a fire pit.  However, like all things it depends on the features such as the fuel source (ex. natural gas, charcoal, pellets, wood logs etc…) or construction materials (stone, brick, etc…).


This is where a fire pit clearly wins out. You can circle ten to twelve people comfortably around a fire pit while a traditional fireplace can only crowd in four to six. Of course it depends on how many people you plan on entertaining.

Space / Size

Typically a fireplace is a more permanent structure, taking up a larger amount of space than a fire pit, and potentially requiring permits and regulatory hurdles. Depending on your property the larger structure of a fireplace could prove useful in blocking off unwanted views.

Additionally, there are many smaller more portable fire pit options that you can try out without making permanent changes to your property.  This flexibility may make more sense if you’re uncertain about adding a fire feature in the first place, or if you’re operating with restrictions such as in a rental property.

The Choice

Ultimately, the decision is yours.  But however you decide, adding a fire feature to your residential property is a great way to ward off that upcoming Fall chill and extend the season for backyard entertaining.