E-Landscape to Install Anchorplex Wall System at Victory Court

September 14, 2012 at 9:06 am
Victory Court Rendering
Victory Court Architect’s Rendering

E-Landscape is excited to once again team with Hamel Builders to provide landscaping for a new senior living facility in Rockville, Maryland. Victory Court is a new, mixed income apartment community for seniors 62 and over located between Monroe Street and Maryland Avenue in Rockville Town Center. The three-story complex with stone and brick townhouse-style architecture is designed to fit in with the neighborhood of historic homes near Rockville’s government center and downtown.

Developed by Victory Housing Inc., the nonprofit development arm of the Catholic Archdiocese of Washington, Victory Court’s public areas include a walkout terrace and patio in a partially enclosed courtyard with a gazebo. E-Landscape’s scope of work for the project includes the construction of an Anchorplex retaining wall system.

The Anchorplex retaining wall system offers a unique, nonconventional solution to problematic wall construction sites. It is a retaining wall built with Anchorâ„¢ products and self-compacting structural backfill specified by Anchor Wall Systems. When used in combination with blocks of the appropriate shape, the structural backfill attaches itself to the wall facing, effectively extending the depth and increasing the mass of the facing. In addition to reinforcing the block facing, the structural backfill zone also serves as the required drainage zone. Using the Anchorplex retaining wall system completely eliminates the need for the construction of a mechanically stabilized earth zone behind the wall facing and requires substantially less excavation than is usually necessary in grid-reinforced wall construction.

Construction on Victory Court is expected to be complete by mid-summer 2013.