E-Landscape Awarded U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters Project

April 25, 2012 at 4:11 pm

E-Landscape is proud to have been selected to carry out landscape construction work for the U.S. Coast Guard Access Road at the St. Elizabeths hospital West Campus  in Washington, DC.

St. Elizabeths was originally established by Congress in 1855 as the Government Hospital for the Insane. In addition to providing mental health facilities for the Army, Navy, and District of Columbia, the facility also served as a hospital for Civil War soldiers. In 1916, Congress officially changed the name of the facility to St. Elizabeths Hospital.

St. Elizabeths is divided into two campuses. The West Campus is owned by the federal government and is under the custody and control of GSA. It is located in the Anacostia community in southeast Washington on a hill overlooking the Anacostia River with panoramic views of Washington and Virginia. The East Campus, owned by the District of Columbia, is located across Martin Luther King, Jr. Avenue from the West Campus and is still in use as a mental health facility.

The West Campus was constructed between the 1850s and the 1960s and consists of 176 acres and 61 buildings with approximately 1.1 million gross square feet of space. It is a National Historic Landmark.

The GSA has prepared a Master Plan for the development of the West Campus as a high security campus for federal agencies, including the U.S. Coast Guard. The construction of the Coast Guard Headquarters is the first project at the new St. Elizabeths campus. It is currently under construction with plans to acheive LEED v2.2 Gold certification. The project includes over 500,000 square feet of green roof and a storm water management system including wet ponds, bio-swales and step pools to handle storm water runoff for the entire campus.

E-Landscape’s scope of work includes the construction of a rain collection and storm water management system, subdrainage, and the installation of pavers.

Stay tuned for more information and updates on our progress!

[Image Credit: uscgproject.com]