DeepStream Designs Plants Trees in Haiti for E-Landscape

January 14, 2015 at 2:35 pm

DeepStream-E-Landscape-TreePlantCertE-Landscape is proud to announce that one of our vendors has planted 300 trees in Haiti in E-Landscape’s name. For every planter sold, DeepStream Designs plants 50 trees in Haiti for every planter sold through Trees for the Future.

DeepStream Designs’ mission is to provide sustainable design with alternative products engineered and constructed to last longer and reduce the impact on the Earth’s resources and providing a low cost of ownership over time. DeepStream is committed to using quality materials that are sustainable and from recyclable materials allowing architects and landscape architects to meeting client goals in a cost-effective way while achieving design goals that enhance sustainability.

Trees of the Future is a Maryland based 501c3 that partners with farmers in developing nations in Africa, Asia, South America and Latin America to help diversify incomes and nutrition by transitioning to land-restoring agricultural systems. They have assisted thousands of communities in planting millions of trees in 19 countries restoring life to land that was previously degraded or abandoned.

E-Landscape values and supports sustainability in all of the projects we work on and is incredibly honored that these trees have been planted in our honor by one of our valued vendors. If you’re looking to install planters and are trying to stay sustainable, please look into DeepStream Designs.