Bay-Friendly Turf Maintenance

April 14, 2011 at 9:02 pm

Here at E-Landscape Specialty Solutions, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to act as guardians of our landscape. We implement sustainability in the work we do, the office we work in, the strategic direction we follow, the relationships we develop and the way we live our lives. Our vision is to design, implement and care for creative, environmentally sustainable landscapes that, where possible, will improve the immediate and greater environment.

We look to partner with those who also share our vision and mission and as such, we are proud to announce a new partnership with OceanGrown Solutions, a provider of environmentally-friendly turf management products. By far, turfgrasses are the most challenging item in landscapes to maintain. OceanSolution is a foliar nutrient program that combines sustainable ocean and earth based components that are Certified Organic and designed to maximize turf growth.

E-Landscape’s use of OceanGrown products provides us the ability to reduce, and in some cases eliminate, synthetic N-P-K applications. It is also 100% safe, meaning we can apply it and it is immediately safe for pedestrian and/or animal traffic. The result? Healthier turf, healthier people, and a healthier environment!