3 Reasons Great Commercial Landscaping Makes Strip Malls More Profitable

June 19, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Best Buy BowieEveryone knows that curb appeal helps to raise the value of residential homes. But did you know that curb appeal is just as important for strip malls? While we are definitely biased (let’s face it, as a commercial landscaping company, we’ve built our business on the belief that great landscaping is essential for all commercial properties), there is actually quite a bit of research to support the claim that landscaping can help make strip malls more profitable.

Did you know?

You can’t argue with the facts – and these facts are backed up by real research!

At E-Landscape, we’ve done quite a bit of landscaping work at strip malls. Most recently, we’ve been engaged to provide regular landscape maintenance services to 8 Best Buy locations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. Division, the property management company hired by Best Buy to take care of their retail locations, understands the value that great commercial landscaping offers to retail tenants such as Best Buy and has made weekly maintenance a priority. The results really show! Next time you visit the Best Buy stores in our area (Bowie, Rockville, Vienna, Baltimore, Wheaton, Waldorf, and Alexandria), take a moment to look around and appreciate how much the landscape improves your shopping experience!

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