10 Cost Effective Way to Improve Your Building’s Appearance Through Landscape Design

January 10, 2013 at 4:07 pm
Mill Run Apartments
The landscape at the Mill Run Apartments boosts the value of units in the complex

There is no denying that landscaping plays a major role in a commercial property’s curb appeal, but did you know that it can also have a significant impact on its market value? Numerous studies dating back to the late 1980s conclusively show that landscaping can increase property values. In its June 1987 issue, California Landscape magazine cited a Society of Real Estate Appraisers Survey which noted that 95 percent of the appraisers responding to the survey believed that landscaping adds to the dollar value of real estate. Moreover, 99 percent of them said landscaping enhanced sales appeal.  For this reason, engaging a professional landscape company to design, install, and maintain the grounds of your commercial property is a valuable investment.

E-Landscape Specialty Solutions, LLC specializes in landscape design and installation services for commercial clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.  We have extensive experience working with clients such as apartment communities, office parks, hospitals, senior centers, and retail centers.  By partnering with our clients, we are able to determine a landscape plan that will best suit their needs and budget.  Through strong communication and the latest technology, we are able to present our clients with a detailed proposal that will provide a full breakdown of costs and a timeline for the project’s completion.

Consulting a professional for landscape design and installation for your commercial property does not have to be expensive.  Outlined below are 10 cost effective ways to improve your building’s appearance through landscape design courtesy of Garden Guides:

  1. Pathways:  Incorporating a pathway into your commercial landscape is not only functional, but can also add some architectural interest.
  2. Plants:  Adding greenery to your landscape design is appealing to the eye, and opting for plants that are native to the environment is more cost effective.
  3. Ground Covers:  Selecting a ground cover that requires less maintenance can help to reduce your landscaping fees.
  4. Hardscaping:  Utilizing stone or concrete pavers to create a walkway or patio area may be expensive up front, but requires minimal maintenance for the future.
  5. Point of Interest:  Creating a point of interest in your landscape such as a small bird sanctuary or a fountain can help to cut down on the amount of landscaping that your property needs.
  6. Low Water Landscape:  Opting for plants and greenery that do not require a lot of water or maintenance is a cost effective landscaping solution.
  7. Soil:  Evaluating your soil prior to investing in plants and greenery can help them to best thrive in your landscape.
  8. Placement:  Strategically placing trees, plants, and shrubs throughout your landscape according to sunlight exposure can help to increase their longevity and reduce the cost to heat and cool your commercial buildings.
  9. Re-purpose:  Go green and utilize recycled items in your landscape, such as incorporating salvaged bricks and pavers from a demolished building into your walkway.
  10. Mulch:  Spreading organic mulch or wood chips around your plants and shrubs can help to prevent weeds from growing as well as help to improve your soil quality over time.

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